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Additional Resources

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Day 1 The Inquiry Process Additional Resources

Home Page Contact & Social Media 




Library of Congress Resources - Colorado Coal Field War
Colorado Virtual Library Resource Links
DU Colorado Coal Field Project
The American Experience - PBS
Ludlow Still Matters - The New Yorker
Teach Ludlow CO

Library of Congress 

Introductory Online Modules
Teaching with the Library of Congress Blog 
Library of Congress Homepage Cheat Sheet 


Searching Strategies for Extra Practice: 


Toolkit for Finding Treasures in American Memory 
Library of Congress Handout Series: How to Use Primary Sources | Why Use Primary Sources | Tools for Teachers 

Historical Thinking



Primary Source Analysis

LOC Teacher's Guides & Analysis Tools
National Archives Analysis Worksheets

Support for Standards 

Colorado P-12 Academic Standards 

Common Core Standards

AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner (downloadable)
Crosswalk of the Common Core Standards and the AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner
Standards Keyword Search Terms (use with Control F when searching standards)

Other Supporting Resources 

Teacher Leadership Standards
Teacher as Entrepreneur
2030 Book on Learning for the Future
Mary J Johnson's "Teaching with Primary Sources" Livebinder

Downloading Primary Sources

File Formats Help (from the LOC)
Downloading & Saving Files (from the LOC)
Digital Primary Source Formats Handout
Downloading Images
Downloading Movies
Downloading Maps
Downloading Audio 

Wiki Resources 

PBWorks in Education
Primary Sources, Inquiry, & 21st Century Learning (PSI21) Wiki

Educational wiki examples



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